About LAH Florida

The LAH 30A Office is located on County Rd 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Founded in 1992, LAH Real Estate is a Birmingham, AL owned company with residential and commercial real estate offices in Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover and Crestline.  LAH at the Beach was established in 2013 with an office on 30A near Draper Lake.  Reba Myer, who has been with LAH Real Estate for over 8 years is the qualifying broker.  Criswell was hired in December, 2018 to be the sales manager and is currently working towards his broker’s license.

We have quality agents who understand that real estate is a 24/7 business and that communication with their clients is the key.  A great work environment has been created to support our agents with everything they need to be successful.

Due to LAH’s strong presence in Birmingham, the 30A office benefits from referrals from the 200 plus AL agents that work for LAH Real Estate. Another significant aspect of our company is that we have a relocation department that is dedicated to helping business professionals with their move to the beach.

Another advantage that LAH offers its clients is the professional experience throughout the entire process of purchasing or selling property. Relationships have been made with the local experts in our industry.  Whether it’s questions regarding insurance, mortgage, title, etc. our clients are given the best advice possible.

Charley Criswell

Sales Manager at LAH Florida